Oct 25, 2016

cheap proDAD Mercalli 3 SAL

Canon HFG10 Cheap proDAD Mercalli 3 SAL Also new are proDAD’s SmartBorder ™ options  that reduces the need to zoom in during stabilization, leaving the borders of the original video intact. Prodad mercalli 3 sal Garmin VIRB Sony AS100 Cheap proDAD Mercalli 3 SAL Cart is empty $0.00 The artifacts mistaken for “shake” are often CMOS sensor distortions that traditional video stabilization cannot really correct. Resolution lost in the “zoom in” that other stabilizer software or in-cam stabilizers apply is now reduced or eliminated. Mercalli V4’s new CMOS distortion correction requires virtually no zoom-in and is fully AUTOMATIC. Correcting the CMOS distortions alone may give you the desired video quality. If more correction is required, then stabilization can be applied for further optimization. You’re good to go — to greatness. DJI Phantom Vision FC200 camera You Might Also Like Powered By ZergNet Want to find lowest price on proDAD Mercalli 3 SAL online?You can buy proDAD Mercalli 3 SAL at lowest price ever, just follow the instructions above.