Oct 25, 2016

buy Logopress3 2015

Die design features. Buy Logopress3 2015 INTELLIGENTPONENT LIBRARY For SOLIDWORKS About Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. Name: Logopress3 Version: (64bit) 2015 SP0.3 Home: www.logopress3 Interface: multilanguage OS: Windows Seven / 8 System Requirements: built for SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP0, 2014 SP4, 2013 SP5 (DO NOT use SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP3) Size: 319.6 mb Newsletters Buy Logopress3 2015 Mainly in the following modules: Our SolidWorks-based 3D die design software is Logopress3 . by Logopress Corp. Logopress was formed 25 years ago to spend 100% of their time developing die design software. This focus has never changed. Logopress3 is recognized as the easiest to use solution available, while still providing all the powerful features and functionality needed to produce the mostplex die designs. As an added bonus, most of the 2D drawings are created automatically as you model the die. For over 20 years, Logopress’s only business has been the development of die design software for the tool and die industry as well as flattening and blank prediction software for many kinds of parts. Up until 2002, thepany provided 2D software solutions in France. In 2000, after three years of research and development in 3D technology, it also decided to develop 3D parametric solutions and to expand its business worldwide. 1、解压安装包,运行Logopress3_2015_SP0,进入安装 2、选择你的SolidWorks版本,之后一直选择next,选择你的安装目录,点击install开始安装。 3、进入安装目录\site删除"license.dat"(如果有的话),默认目录是C:\Program Files\Logopress\Logopress3\site 4、运行SolidWorks, 打开工具Logopress3 >模块注册/许可证请求 5.不要输入任何注册信息,点"取消",关掉SolidWorks (以下2个文件将出现在site下: "lgpRegInfo.txt" 和"InfoRegFile.tmp") 6、拷贝"LogoPress3.2015.KeyGen.SSQ.exe" 到"logopress3\site" 运行它(Vista/Win7要右键以管理员身份运行) 7、用记事本打开lgpRegInfo.txt,将里面的CHUCKSUM信息输入到注册机里,然后点Generate 8、将生成的许可存放到SITE文件夹下 9、再次运行SolidWorks, 打开工具Logopress3 >模块注册/许可证请求,随意输入信息,确认后核对目录,重进SolidWorks即可使用Logopress3插件强大的功能了。 AKTUELLE VERSIONEN Where can I buy discount Logopress3 2015?So, advanced users already bought OEM Logopress3 2015 without box, only software.